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Nurtured by Nature

Nurtured by Nature art is inspired by nature.

In the last few years, I went through a big personal change which started with a health journey. I reached burnout with working too many hours and time away from my family and nature.
I found I felt my most 'at home' and at ease where I could think clearly, abundantly and purely when I was in nature. 
I have always loved creating art but didn't have any specific medium I was drawn to, I love to explore them all, however the subject I am always inspired by is nature, Art is Healing just as Nature intended it to be.

I am a multi-faceted Artist, I am drawn to many techniques and mediums with each holding their own mystique and secret language to understand and learn from. 
As a certified Holistic Counsellor + Creative Therapist, I also support my clients with creative therapies as it has been so abundantly transformational for me, this is my gift to share with others.

When I paint or draw or create I feel totally at peace, I create with meaning and from the heart in that moment. I see metaphors and symbolism in composition and many of my artworks are inspired by specific music compositions and composers. I translate this composition to the paper or canvas or weaving; whatever medium and application I am working with at the time.

Art for me is cathartic and allows me to connect to my inner self.



Daybreak at Tod Inlet.jpg

Available for Purchase



All original paintings are also available as a limited edition giclee print -

get in touch if you would like a print option in a custom size.


All weavings are made on a loom using wool, silk, linen, cotton and blended fiber. I love exploring texture, metaphors and colour within my weaves.


Play Mats are priced as 8 hour or 12 hour mats. This is to show the amount of detail to determine price and to give you some options. All of these mats are around 65-75cm square in size - the size varies slightly from product to product because of the way the material works.

Wool shrinks in size and each mat has a beautifully organic raw edge to it.
All mats are 100% wool, handmade with love, intuition and imagination. 


My 6 year old daughter 'consults' and helps with design each step of the way, so each mat is birthed through a child's imagination.


Gathering Mats are created with Women's Circles or Self Love practice in mind.
Mindful Yin practice and gathering with community are one of my biggest values in life. 
I curate a women's circle called The Aligned Feminine.

They make a beautiful centrepiece or a ground mat you can sit on if you are gathering in circle. 

Each mat is 100% wool and handmade with love, intuition and mindfulness.
Infused with Reiki + crystals prior to customer delivery.