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Welcome to our World Cultures Curriculum space - where we celebrate diversity with art inspired from Global Influences. 

So far we have 'travelled' to; South America, North America, Africa & Asia. All of which are just part 1. 
Next year we have plans to visit Europe, South East Asia & India!

Each term has 8 modules filled with tutorials, activities, worksheets and resources. We give your our guide & recommendations to trusted brands inside each curriculum as well as Australian Curriculum standards if you are a homeschooler. 

If you don't have many art supplies - we have put together some recommended art packs below.

We created these with the homeschool family in mind - it is nearly a one-stop shop for resources and children can self-guide through each curriculum. 

Each Term nurtures a love of learning while fostering an interest in other cultures through; Eco systems, Geography, Local Flora & Fauna, Featured Artists, First Nations and so much more!

Current terms include 3 x zoom sessions where we dive deeper into an art technique or concepts.

Members of current terms have access to our exclusive members-only Facebook group where we share tips and ideas for each module. 

If you prefer a payment plan - head to our Patreon page where we release 2 modules per month for just $10 / month!

Payment Plan Option for 3 Terms (Terms 1-3)
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Curated Art Packs

We have made it easy for you! Shopping for art supplies can be tricky - not all are created equal and it can be tricky to know what to buy if you are new to the diverse world of art!

This is why we have put together our suggestions of art pack supplies. These make the perfect gift to go with one of our Art Curriculums. We have tried and tested each brand, we use these brands with our students in-studio so we know they are great for student quality use.

We have put together 3 tiers of art packs - from basic to specialist - we have something for everyone.

Click on each pack to read more details and see which one is right for you - you may need more than 1 pack - each pack can be used for more than one entire curriculum so you will have many uses out of each.

Still need a little guidance? Contact us for some tips