Nurture the Knack offers a diverse range of Holistic Counselling and Coaching in Brisbane North 
+ Creative Therapies
Our values include a small-class to teacher ratio for group sessions so we can deliver bespoke and personalized service to each individuals needs.

Our focus is Holistic Mental Wellness and explore many different modalities within this framework;  including movement meditation, guided visual meditation, gratitude, creative therapies including expressive painting, drawing, sculpture and story telling or poetry.


 Creative Therapies are utilized to weave into 1:1 counselling sessions, workshops and term studies for our students of all ages, to empower individuals in their daily wellness practice.


Worksheets, Online Curriculums, Games are designed for individual practice or to collaborate with family or friends on your creative practice.


Zodiac Chart

Zodiac Character Profile

The Zodiac Character Profile reading is a great tool to learn more about yourself and your family dynamics.

Do you have a strong willed child that you butt heads with? 

Or perhaps a very sensitive child that you don't understand or feel like you can't support them emotionally.

This tool provides clarity of self and family dynamics and can give you new perspectives.


Everyone is unique and knowledge is empowering!

30-minute reading for $45 per chart.

Image by veeterzy

Tree of Life

Do you need help letting go?
This simple mindful Art activity is a great way to shed those niggly emotions or situations that keep hanging around. A beautiful symbolic way to journal your thoughts and feelings. You can make the drawing as simple or as beautifully detailed as you wish.

My gift to you for 2022.

4 Month Intensive Re-Alignment + Business Coaching Journey

Self-Discovery, Authentic Identity, Self-Expression + Re-Alignment.


Fulfil your personal growth goals with our Signature 4-Month Intensive Coaching journey while being deeply supported each step of the way.


Welcome to our World Cultures Curriculum space - where we celebrate diversity with art inspired from Global Influences. 

Art is for All Ages and is a form of Zen Therapy, Mindfulness and Creative Practice.
These Art Terms are created for any age to enjoy - not to be taken too seriously and just have fun creating a diverse range of art projects inspired by world travels.

So far we have 'travelled' to; South America, North America, Africa & Asia. 

Each term has 8 modules filled with tutorials, activities, worksheets and resources.
Included in each theme is our guide & recommendations to trusted brands inside each curriculum as well as Australian Curriculum standards if you are a homeschooler. 

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