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Updated: Jun 21

My second painting - Happiness Does Not Wait in this new series I am calling "Listen with the Ear of the Heart" which is to mean - to listen with the heart doesn’t come easily. It is a difficult and challenging journey. We need to empty our heart of our own agendas, of all that clutters our lives: to empty our hearts of our own assumptions and prejudices; to empty our minds of all the preconceived answers and solutions we have been conditioned to believe.

By listening this way, we hear more than words, we are connected to our inner depth and being, our intuition.

Ikigai is a concept my mentor shared with me in the throws of 2020. This concept intrigued me but I wasn't ready to explore it - I had A LOT of inner work to do. Recently, a dear friend and I tried to crack this concept and find our true meaning (important to note that your 'reason for being' can change courses throughout your life).

What I came up with is profound and really exciting: If we start at Love (yellow) I automatically chose Family

Family is likely true for almost everyone, however family may look different to you than it will for me. Perhaps your family consists of dear friends, or your pets. They are still beings that you love unconditionally.

Then we head counter-clockwise to What you are Good At (Green) - we came up with Presence (At least I am striving to be present, in my family, in my work, a fine balance). When we are present in our work, we can find our niche (an important topic for another day). When we find our niche, our effort and focus can dwell here, we will excel at this rather than try to do many things with mediocrity. In family life, pay attention to the response from your loved ones when you are 100% present with them, no TV, work, phone distractions. Your connection and joy is heightened.

Continuing to What you can be Paid for (Teal) we came up with Integrity. Wow. Let that sink in for a moment. Peal away all the fluff and layers - do you practice integrity in your life / work? Do you value it? What do you look for in other businesses before you purchase from them? This was super clear to me and there are many companies out there with no integrity (or very little) - yes they still get paid but it won't last!

Coming around the spiral to What the World Needs (Pink) and without hesitation I blurted Freedom. The world is rife with war, starvation, homelessness, slavery. This is the top end of a very dark scale but we tried to source the root cause of this. We discussed Ego in earnest and into the wee hours of the night.

What we came up with is this: Ego is the root cause of; fear, worthiness, scarcity mindset, body image, comparison, patriarchy, war, goals, neglect, beauty (or the western view of beauty), tension, suppression. Really quite alarming when you break it down and I am sure we could find more to this.

When I think of Freedom, this is something I truly value for myself, I believe this comes from being an a past relationship with Domestic + Emotional Violence, the feeling of being trapped is not something I cope well with. I also value Freedom in the workplace, this is why I chose to be my own boss and I am continually fine tuning my schedule so I have the balance of working and rest. As part of a collective consciousness, we all value Freedom, it is one of the most basic human rights and each person will define what Freedom means to them whether it be Freedom of Speech, Religion, or beliefs.

As you continue the spiral, you reach MISSION (Why do you exist?), PASSION (your health? Hobby?), PROFESSION (Your field of work) + VOCATION (Your job).

Between MISSION + PASSION we have Delight + Fullness, but no wealth. We interpreted this as you can't necessarily be paid, perhaps it is a charity you run.

Between PASSION + PROFESSION we have Satisfaction but feeling of uselessness, you may have feelings of unworthiness because you aren't applying your mission.

Between PROFESSION + VOCATION we have Comfortable but feeling of emptiness. You are not living in alignment. Perhaps you have a great paying job that covers all of your material goods and expenses, but you don't have a purpose, you are just going through the motions of life, perhaps feeling like you are on auto-pilot.

Lastly, we arrive at VOCATION + MISSION. This is the last stop on the spiral before we find our Ikigai. Your job, it could be what you are currently doing and may require a slight pivot, or perhaps you want to make a drastic change.

Finally, you find your Ikigai. I have an idea and my husband and I are working towards this now. We have asked some big questions like how do we want to live and even where do we want to live that aligns with our values and our biggest dreams. I know what my dream is and thankfully it aligns with my husbands so we have some exciting things to share when the time is right. Are you ready to listen to the callings of your one wild heart and allow her to guide you home? Is it time to connect to your purpose?

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