The Desire and Ability to Create

Updated: Jun 21

By definition, creativity is seeing things differently.

It's being able to transcend traditional ideas and come up with new rules, interpretations, and ways of doing things.

Often a problem—be it dealing with a difficult colleague or trying to think of a brilliant new business idea—requires an alternative approach.

I used to see successful people and feel discouraged, even a little envious; they had it all.

Now, I celebrate their successes because I understand that very successful people are masters at failure. For every success, there is likely at least a dozen small (or big!) failures.

Think of how many failures you have had before you can excel at something. Every small failure is an opportunity for learning and growth.

Business entrepreneurship is just one big experiment with heaps of failures. It is the same for artists and creating -- for myself, this means I am an Artist as well as an Entrepreneur, so you can imagine how many failures I have had (and will continue to have).

Be gentle with yourself. If you are a small business owner or an artist, the fact that you are doing this is a huge leap of faith. 🌟

Remember to celebrate your wins and successes, however small they may be.

I like to reflect back on when I started this journey, almost 4 years ago now! I started teaching art at my kitchen table, volunteering my time to local schools and Kindy's and I felt super scared but I did it anyway. I still feel all these things anytime I start something new but I know all of my previous lessons have got my back and I just have to give it a go.

🌠What failures have you experienced that became big opportunities for your business model?

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