Repairing and Clearing Space for our higher selves.

Updated: Jun 21

💥Say it one more time.

We repeat, what we don't repair.

Who else can resonate with this?

It has taken me many years, trials + errors to unwind traumas experienced in earlier life.

The repeated patterns + circumstances from unhealed trauma kept me at a low vibration frequency (read: shame, guilt and fear) often finding myself in difficult situations where I regretted or having anxiety spirals.

Have you noticed this in your life or have you been there too?

The same lesson showed up again + again.

I wasn't listening.

Through self inquiry practices + inner work, I became aware of the scenarios that were repeating themselves over + over again. When digging in with my mentor I was shown the belief system that others were mirroring to me.

The limiting belief that was creating my reality. The limiting belief that was not true anymore.

The one that at one time served me, but not anymore - in my awareness, ready to be re-written.

When belief systems come into our awareness it's an opportunity to shift them. To re-write them. To change the story.

Since I’ve shifted the belief system, these situations have shifted + stopped coming into my life.

When we shift, everything shifts.

My self-worth has come a long way over the years + this is due to never giving up + doing the inner work to heal.

"No healing can happen, no matter how intensive the medical treatment, how extensive the surgery or how powerful the healing modality while a person is in the Fight-or-Flight response"

Where in your life are the same patterns showing up over + over again? Where are you getting triggered? Notice how your body reacts to triggers.

💫If you are ready to dive deep and do the inner work, to break any cycles that are no longer serving you, I can support you while you reconnect to your inner wisdom and shed these unwanted belief systems.

Clearing space takes practice and awareness. This is part of the repetition - you won't repair it unless you clear space for it (sometimes that means hitting rock bottom in areas of your life before you can gain awareness for change)

It can be very hard to let go of things that once served you (including relationships or friendships) but as you go through your own personal evolution and growth, you will find your inner voice and intuition, which has always been there, you just needed to clear space.

This in turn will open up opportunities you couldn't see before, possibilities you couldn't dream of and so much love it can feel overwhelming.

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