Pattern Disruption + Self Innovation

I have been learning about Pattern Disruption recently and it has blown my mind on the few instances that I have experimented with it consciously.

"If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it is lethal."

~ Paulo Coelho

Firstly, what is it? For many of us, change is very uncomfortable - and we have had to get used to change on a vast (global) and fast scale the last 3 year (OMG have we been in this time warp for nearly 3 years already?!) Getting into our discomfort zone (read: growth) is critical, and one great way to get into that space is through change. When we can control change, even better, because we are in the drivers seat and this is where some powerful magic lies.

This knowledge started with techniques to change a particular thought, behavior or situation. The psychology world calls it Behavioral Psychology and Neuro Linguistic programming. It is used to interrupt and change thought patterns and behaviors.

It can be as simple as swapping your everyday vegemite on toast to overnight oats.

Humans have an average of up to 50,000 thoughts per day. Amazingly up to 95 percent are the same thoughts, repeated every day (according to the National Science Foundation). That's a lot of repetition. And very little space for new thinking. Einstein summed it up nicely.

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Sales industries use this technique to train their staff - it can be very effective in cold calling, even the spam callers are trained in this because it is a highly effective manipulative technique.

But when you can control it, it becomes a powerful magic tool for your life for creativity, self innovation, new perspectives, personal growth and expansion. What's not to love about that?

Patterns for life

We live our lives creating predictable patterns. We are creatures of habit as a species, it feels comfortable and safe. We go to bed at the same hour usually, wake up around the same time, usually with an alarm, then proceed to go through our morning routines, even eating the same breakfast or drinking the same beverages, day in, day out. If you are feeling stuck in your life - start analyzing your patterns.

Awareness is the first step of empowerment.

1) take note of your morning routines.

2) take note of the foods you eat each day

3) take note of the route you drive / walk to work each day

4) take note of the routines you and your spouse do each day, which roles you play

Pattern Disruptions and why they are magic.

I am ok with change for the most part. I like adventure, I like new, I like freedom to move around when I want to and how I want to, but I am not immune to mundane patterns.

This became evident this year when my husband and I started to get narky with each other.

Just little niggles. We weren't arguing all the time, just normal squabbles of 7 years married life, but something was off.

I realized we were in a pattern. I felt like I had a room mate who was an excellent team member with each of us ticking of the daily tasks, but I didn't fee like I had a husband, or what I wanted to feel with my husband. This had to change. I wanted spicy. I wanted intimacy. I wanted laughter and joy and those sideway glances we used to do. I wanted vibrancy! How do we get back to that? Pattern Disruption. I started experimenting in the bedroom (before you get all freaked out and stop reading, there is nothing weird from here on, I promise!) I'm talking about gratitude of course! We were in a rut. A mundane, go to bed at the same time, read our ebooks, don't talk, quick kiss on the cheek goodnight kind of rut.

So that night, when I became aware of this pattern, I experimented with change. I tapped into my breath, focused on my body. Feeling so grateful for sensations, appreciative of my health getting back on track this year, feeling beautiful in my appreciation and abundance of creativity, then I thought hmmmm, could I extend this warm bubble of gratitude outside of my body? I experimented with 'stretching it' like an elastic.

I envisioned myself enveloping this gratitude to my husband laying next to me.

I became aware of the heat from his body, the smell of his skin, his soft breathing. I suddenly became overwhelmed with appreciation and gratitude for him. I reached out and touched his arm and let me tell you, this was a hell of a big pattern disruption.

He kinda froze, unsure what that touch meant.

My heart broke a little, with the realization of just how systemic our mundane patterns had become in our relationship.

That night, we changed the pattern. It was wonderful.

Since then, it is like a switch has flipped.

I pattern disrupt regularly now.

We switched sides of the bed. OMG. WTAF? Just switching bed sides, I dunno, this has caused some major rekindling of intimacy and I feel like we just started dating, let alone together for 11 years. I got a new part time job, pattern disrupted all kinds of domino effects - I feel AMAZING. I stopped drinking over 6 months ago. A pretty big deal for someone who is a Wine Sommelier and spent 20 years of her life within that identity. This has been a very big pattern disruption, especially when I feel anxious, sad, frustrated. No longer is the bottle of Cabernet available. I work through it through art, meditation, hiking, yoga.... I feel vibrant. I feel spicy. I feel creative, inspired, innovative. I feel ALIVE. So, if you are going to try anything new this year, try Pattern Disruption on your own terms. I would LOVE to hear about your experience with it - start small, then build from there. With Gratitude and appreciation,



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