Normalise Good Health

Society has done a good job in normalising illness and mental health struggles.

This is wonderful because many conversations have started and people want to make changes. These conversations wouldn't be possible if these awareness movements didn't happen and I believe it is because mental and physical health degradation is so normal now, we don't remember another way of living.

In the recent past, mental health was a stigma. It still is in some circles of community. You can feel the uncomfortable tension if you bring it up in conversation and that person just stares at you or they walk away or change the subject.

Health struggles have become so normal that it is like politics now. You cannot freely speak about it without being censored; either directly or indirectly.

It doesn't have to be that way. If you are struggling, find a supportive group for authentic conversation and knowledge sharing.

Find your tribe who normalises GOOD health and ways to get there.

Disengage from the censorship, the western healthcare business and look elsewhere for preventative whole body healing and lifestyle that suits you, not what suits them or the status quo.

There are other ways.

This isn't to detract the good work that many doctors, nurses and medical professionals are doing and who are actively trying to make positive changes. We see you.

For all of the others who have bought into the health business instead of healthcare. We see you too.

What is the one thing you have been struggling with (or perhaps several) over the years and you have seen multiple Doctors and specialists with no real help or progress?

Why do you think you haven't had any real progress?

Would you be open to trying something different?

A gentle approach is essential for the development of your life toolbox. There is likley many layers to uncover to find the root cause.

How do I know this?

Because I have walked that same path.

I can see what is missing in our current care system that many of us rely on.

It may just take one conversation for us to uncover your mystery or it could take 3 months. Healing is different for everyone and there are no set guidelines or timelines.

Our doctors of past were in healthcare. We had longer appointments, which allowed us to talk out our issues. It felt like a good therapy session with a care action plan at the end.

That time is gone. Now we have 15 minutes and there is no time for chit chat. It is a business transaction and usually ends with tests to give you a false sense of hope or dread....depending on your outlook. Or it is in the form of a cream or pill.

That's it. That is what our western healthcare is now.

I won't go into the price of health care and how they have made us pay for private health or tax us....a whole other can of worms.

They want us to believe this is the only way.

Do you realize several millions of people in our world have access to well rounded, integrative and preventative health care. And that this is normal for thier societies?

My dream is that this becomes normal here in our homes in the "west" so that it is financially accessible for everyone.

Unfortunately for now, it isn't.

If you want preventative whole body integrated health care and the knowledge to empower you, you have to pay for it.

If you want clean water that isn't filled with fluoride, chlorine and other contaminants. You have to research and pay for it with filters.

If you want to be first in line for medical treatments and specialised care, you have to pay for it.

All of this discriminates a huge portion of the population and this portion grows everyday with the cost of living being squeezed in every direction.

Do you want to know how to normalise good health?

1) Research Mind Body Medicine

2) Disengage from the headless chicken run through western health business (because it isn't healthcare any longer). [I will also note the suggestion to disengage from main stream media....shocking, fear mongering and bias, it isn't in your favour to tune into that frequency and what's worse is they know this].

3) Support Your Body with nourishing foods (organic if you can...if you can't afford to buy organic, grow your own. This is especially true for anything you can't peel (leafy greens, berries, grapes, buying these organically is better than nothing and you will save money going to markets)

4) Research Ayurvedic or Chinese Medicine and find out your constitution. Eat the foods meant for your body.

5) Support Your Mental Health.

Go outside. Be in nature. (Your kids sports field doesn't count). Find a good hiking trail. Take up paddle boarding. Sun your yoni in a quiet park or beach. Skip stones at the creek. Go camping and "rough it".

Whatever your potion, do more of that. Connecting with nature reconnects your innate wild nature. Your intuition and wisdom. Trust me with this. You will understand when you do this more.

6) Connect to Creativity.

We are all born creative. We just forget what creativity actually is.

Creativity is just problem solving. We wouldn't exist as a species today if our ancestors weren't creative. This means they adapt, invent, innovate and create.

Tap into this in anyway that you have an interest. This could be: cooking wholesome foods, painting, drawing, knitting, sewing, crafting, woodworking, furniture remodelling, fiber arts and weaving and hundreds of other applications. As an artist and creative therapist, I support dozens of clients each year reconnect to their creativity and this is the biggest ah ha moment for them. Tears of joy and heartbreak to feel so seen and heard with this powerful healing tool is the regular expression. I love this work.

7) Find a Coach. Someone to help you with all of the steps above and beyond.

The best thing I did for my healing journey was to find a Holistic Coach. I felt seen and heard for the first time. I felt supported for the first time in my life. I was kept accountable with weekly or bi-weekly check ins.

A coach can help you navigate big changes in your life. They can also support you if you are wanting to start a business.

There are thousands of coaches out there. Many of which offer a free discovery call to see if you are the right fit. It is important you have a vibe together so you can get the most out of your investment. They don't want to work with someone who isn't invested in their life because then the outcome will not be positive.

I offer a complimentary Alignment Call or first meeting. We have a chat, we identify the main points in your life that you would like to make changes and we see if that is something I can support you with. Coaching is 100% individualised service and care. As a certified Holistic Counsellor and Creative Therapist, your values and desires are the guiding light for the work we do together.

If you are ready to find out more, you can book in for an alignment call here.

With higher knowledge and healing,


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