Happiness Does Not Wait .

Updated: Jun 21

My second painting in my series "Listen with the Ear of your Heart" is called "Happiness Does Not Wait"

This painting was inspired by the musician and composure Ólafur Arnalds single release song titled: Happiness Does Not Wait.

Affirmation: I am worthy of happiness now

Journal Prompt: What is your Ikigai? (See blog post here)

This painting is done in watercolour with the beautiful Beam Paints of Manitoulin Island, Canada.

The metaphors in the painting depict a cluster of trees on the left, which represent the masses of society. The herd. Most are on auto-pilot, going about their daily life, just getting through the work week or waiting for that distraction to keep them going. The piano melody in the song represents the hamster wheel of daily life in this state of mind, in the comfortable and predictive patterns but feeling empty.

There is a single tree on the right who has broken away from the cluster to find their purpose, their reason of being and ultimate happiness. The string melody begins and weaves a tale of new beginnings and opportunities - the great unknown.

The flock of birds above represent a birds eye view, the bigger picture. The crescendo of strings represents the higher awareness or 'the birds eye view'. It is sweet, joyful and full of opportunity.

It is also fleeting, like the flight of a bird.

The end of the song is a somber ending, the chance you didn't take.

Which path will you choose? The comfy and unfulfilling or the exciting but uncertainty on your pathway to living in total alignment of your reason for being.

This painting is for sale if you feel called to own it as a reminder of your values and reason for being, whatever that may be.

8 x 11 Watercolour on cotton hot pressed paper Price: $235 framed
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