How to make Painted Paper and some useful ideas what to do with it.

Painted paper is fun to make and has many uses. If you are doing a painting project you can use any left over paint to make some painted paper for future projects.

I use painted paper quite a bit in the art room - have a look at my instagram to see projects we have done for some inspiration. Or check out link here for IGTV video how to make it!

Some ideas: - Collage

-Paper mosaics

-background paper for a different art project


  • A4 Art Paper (copy paper can work but thicker Art paper holds up to paint better)

  • Art paper can be found in well-stocked newsagents, dollarstores or art supply stores if you have one close-by. It is Acid free and usually thicker than copy paper.

  • Acrylic or poster or tempura paint

  • Paintbrushes (different sizes / styles; round or flat, thick or thin) (The ends of paintbrushes can be used for “dot painting” technique)

  • Wine Corks

  • Plastic Forks

  • Sponges (makeup or kitchen)

  • old rewards or bank card for "swipe" painting technique

  • Water bowl / cup

  • Paper towel

  • Paint Palettes (One for mixing and one to put the colours on)

  • Paper plates or foam trays washed and reused from fruit shops work great (and you can wash and reuse these again and again!)

You can use 2 colours or more, some colour suggestions:

Blue + Pink

  1. Orange + Red

  2. Yellow / Orange / Red

  3. Blue / Pink / Purple

  4. Blue / Green/ Yellow

  5. Blue / Green / Turquoise

  6. Black / White

  7. Gold & Silver for fun embellishments

Keep in mind that Yellow / Blue / Red mixed together make BROWN so if you do not want this try to stay in colour families that won’t make this


  • Set up your chosen colours and paint a solid colour on entire page

  • Using a different paintbrush you can add polka dots with the “dot painting” technique in a different paint colour

  • Use swift brushstrokes in a different paint colour to make tear drop shapes or small lines / dashes

  • Use a thick paint brush with just a little paint on it in a different colour and dry scrub to create a texture look

  • Use wine corks for stamping

  • Use plastic forks in wet paint to create a texture look

  • Use sponges to create a texture or blended look

  • Paint the whole page but change the colour every few strokes

  • Ombre

  • Rainbow

  • Camouflage

  • Lines

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