Drawing Prompts & How to Make Your Own Sketchbook

Sketchbooks don't have to be fancy - sure you can purchase one with lovely paper but if your child just loves to draw, draw, draw you can make one from recycled paper or just plain copy paper.

Simply fold 15 - 20 sheets of A4 paper in half (width), put a cover of coloured construction paper on and either staple down the middle or a paperclip in the fold will do.

This is what I use for my students; they are a great tool to practice a new technique, or get the sketch / shape just right before trying it on the fancy art paper.

Here are some fun drawing prompts you can do with your children on weekends or holidays to bust the boredom.

Or fill up your sketchbook with art tutorials from youtube.

To make it even more fun you can write these down on paddlepop (popsicle sticks for my fellow North Americans) and draw one randomly. you could make it a timed pictionary guessing game and use a white board so the whole family can join in!

  • Design your dream bedroom

  • Draw a pattern that fills the whole page

  • draw a city

  • draw a beach landscape

  • Draw a pirate

  • Draw a fairy

  • draw a toucan

  • draw a tropical fish

  • draw a new outfit

  • draw a bouquet of flowers

  • draw a dinosaur

  • draw a funny face

  • draw a seahorse

  • draw a flamingo doing ballet

  • design a castle

  • draw your favorite animal

  • draw your favorite food

  • draw something you can see

  • draw a picture of your dream

  • draw a scared face

  • draw a galaxy

  • draw a robot

  • draw a dragon

  • design a new playground

  • draw a creature in the water

  • draw a magical sword

  • draw something that starts with the letter T

  • draw a monster

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