I love creating art with a purpose. These play mats were created to support my child's imagination through play. She is always playing quietly and sets up entire scenes with her toys, dolls and knick knacks she has collected. The mats are a simple idea with rich and diverse applications - as long as we quietly encourage our children to play, their imaginations will blossom.


The mats depict a "topography" landscape design. 
Adventure Tracks, Riverland, Desert, Ocean (great for mermaid or pirate play), Beach, Wilderness, Jungle, just to name a few designs that are coming or you can custom order.

As a certified Holistic Counsellor + Creative therapist, I can also see the potential for these play mats for therapeutic or clinical applications. I can recommend these for Psychologists, Counsellors and Integrative Children's Doctors.

They make a great gift with hundreds of open ended play hours.

Play Scape Mats are priced per size. 
This is to show the amount of detail and time required to make each style and to determine price and to give you some options.

All of these mats are around 15"x 15"  square in size - the size varies slightly from product to product because of the nature of wool.

Wool shrinks in size and each mat has a beautifully organic raw edge to it.
All mats are 100% wool, handmade with love, intuition and imagination. 


My 6 year old daughter 'consults' and helps with design each step of the way, so each mat is birthed through a child's imagination.

*To Note: Toys are not included in the mat, just pictured to show some ideas of play.