Our Classes

We offer both In-studio and Online classes for children and adults

To strive towards greater equality we wish to extend a reduced services rate to individuals who are from marginalized or single parent families.

Upon booking, please use the chekout code to access this reduced rate:

With this in place, we hope to promote equal opportunity and inclusion for all children who would benefit from access to a diverse and a bespoke art curriculum.

Term Classes

At Nurture the Knack - we celebrate diversity with art inspired from Global Influences. 

This is why our Term classes look a bit different from mainstream influences. Here, our focus is on bespoke and high quality curated curriculums that are centered around World Cultures.

So far we have 'travelled' to; South America, North America, Africa & Asia.  
Next year we have plans to visit Europe, South East Asia & India!


2022 we are planning to take a break from Term Classes for Term 1 - we hope to be back in Term 2 for weekly classes.

In the meantime, we have some amazing free resources and other art curriculums to shop!


Online Modules

Each Regional Theme has 8 modules filled with tutorials, activities, worksheets and resources. We give your our guide & recommendations to trusted brands inside each curriculum as well as Australian Curriculum standards if you are a homeschooler. 

If you don't have many art supplies - we have put together some recommended art packs.

We created these with the home learning family in mind - but is recommended for any age and families to create together - it is nearly a one-stop shop for resources and children can self-guide through each curriculum. 

Each Term nurtures a love of learning while fostering an interest in other cultures through;
Eco systems, Geography, Local Flora & Fauna, Featured Artists, First Nations and so much more!

Current terms include 3 x zoom sessions where we dive deeper into an art technique or concepts.

Members of current terms have access to our exclusive members-only Facebook group where we share tips and ideas for each module. 

If you prefer a payment plan - head to our Patreon page where we release 2 modules per month for just $10 / month!