My Story

Finding Inspiration at every turn.

Hello - I'm Ashley;  Holistic Business Coach, Counsellor + Artist.

I love to create works of art in all kinds of media. My favorite media includes acrylic paint and drawing with mixed media but I always love experimenting, exploring and learning new mediums. I believe art is a form of therapy and a great mindfulness exercise, but most of all it is fun! I am originally from Canada but have settled in Australia in The Gap, QLD. 

I think my love of art and general creative thinking came from my genetics, I am fortunate to come from a long line of artists and creatives; my great-grandfather was a sign writer and my family suspects he could have started it all. My Father, Uncle and Grandmother are all artists and have mentored and tutored me throughout my life, always encouraging me to develop and nurture my own style.

My art journey has taken me on quite a scenic route and I have loved every minute of it! I started this as a side-hustle (as you do) and was teaching kids from my kitchen table. Soon, word of mouth spread and with it demand and I decided to take the leap of faith and quit my day job to become a full-time creative!
The scariest but best decision!

This lead me to many opportunities over the last 4 years and I am still finding my feet, with pivots and evolutions as I continue to align with my true passion and purpose. What has always been at the forefront of my passion is supporting others.

I embody a few different Archetypes, this is just the nature of who I am. I am a Manifesting Generator (aka Time-Bender) in Quantum Human Design which loosely translates as someone who speeds up the Quantum process and linear time, but I need to respond to something. Because I am so in tune with my world and surroundings, I receive pings non-stop and can create new ideas quickly.

I am a Nurturer by nature,  having compassion for all living things, I am here to connect and support others through Holistic Counselling.

I am a Visionary through passion,  I am here to be a bridge from the old to the new.
I feel especially tapped into conscious awareness and how this affects our communities and I am here to effect change, tuning into new ideas constantly and building them from the ground up. I am here to share my gifts, my knowledge and my vision.

I have a Warrior's spirit,  from my experience with trauma as a teen and young adult, I am  here to protect and serve those who need support with their trauma or emotional experiences.  I am here to protect those who don't know how to protect themselves or need a guiding light to lead the way to self-empowerment, self-love and respect and boundary setting.

I am a social Activist, with special attention to the Mental Wellness realm and how this is a pandemic in our modern age and Western World. I am here to help the new paradigm shift in my own unique way, to inspire others around me to be
Change Leaders with their unique gifts.

I am a Researcher, here to observe the world, to understand and innerstand the ways of the world on a deep level. I am extremely curious and carry that childlike curiosity with me throughout my life. As a child, I was always asking “why” and was never satisfied until I got the real answer. I am willing to go places that others will not—into the details. I am here to seek truths.

I have an Entrepreneur mind-set and always have, I was certain from a young age I wanted to own my own business, it just took me half a life-time to manifest what it is today, and what I truly want to do with my abilities and gifts, embodying all of my archetypes has given me my unique Entrepreneur Archetype . I am here to address problems through society through my business solutions based on my experiences.


If any of my services resonate with you, this is because you have similar values, experiences or goals. I am here to make.

Lastly, as an Artist, I weave all of these Archetypes into its own art form, making my business and services unlike any other, and I am here to guide you to your true purpose and life passion or Dharma. I am here to create.


Ashley lives and breathes Art ~

as Founder and Director of Nurture the Knack Creative, she has been providing

classes, workshops, private parties and art retreats in her home studio at The Gap,

 as well as off-site venues  in South East Queensland.


Inspired by nature and art surrounding world cultures with a special interest in art in therapeutic settings.

Ashley is committed to volunteering with local and international organizations. Locally, she is involved and immersed within her local community as President of a local Creative NGO

who are a collective of Artists and Community Members committed to supporting the endeavours of local artists across the region by providing opportunities for both personal and professional development in arts education & business development.

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