My Story

Finding Inspiration at every turn.

Hello - I'm Ashley;  Holistic Embodiment, Aligned Feminine + Artist.

I love to create works of art in all kinds of media. My favorite media includes acrylic paint and drawing with mixed media but I always love experimenting, exploring and learning new mediums. I believe art is one of our greatest therapeutic tools as humans and a great mindfulness exercise, but most of all it is fun! I am originally from Canada but have settled in Australia in The Gap, QLD. 

I think my love of art and general creative thinking came from my genetics, I am fortunate to come from a long line of artists and creatives; my great-grandfather was a sign writer and my family suspects he could have started it all. My Father, Uncle and Grandmother are all artists and have mentored and tutored me throughout my life, always encouraging me to develop and nurture my own style.

My lineage is Celtic, Viking and Norse and some Eastern Europe. I pay homage to my ancestral line of creators, innovators, problem solvers, craftspeople and artisans.

My art journey has taken me on quite a scenic route and I have loved every minute of it! I started this as a side-hustle (as you do) and was teaching kids from my kitchen table. Soon, word of mouth spread and with it demand and I decided to take the leap of faith and quit my day job to become a full-time creative!
The scariest but best decision!

This lead me to many opportunities over the last 4 years and I continue to align with my true passion and purpose. What has always been at the forefront of my passion is supporting others.

My dear friend,  Nicola, has put a few words together about me. She is a Soul Guide, Certified Coach and has a knack for seeing the essence through someone energetically.

She shares here words here;

I’d like to introduce you to my friend Ashley.  We’ve know each other quite some time, and I’d love to share with you who she is through the lens of Astrology & Human Design.  We are all such vast, intricate beings, but how thoroughly are we able to describe ourselves in such a way?


Astrology & Human Design has changed my life and the lives of many others, and it was an honour to be invited to share, in my own words, who Ashley is.


At first glance ~


At first glance over Ashley’s birth chart, the vibe I get is that this is someone who is here to challenge the status quo, building new and better ways of living, sharing, and being in partnership.  


There is a relentless warrior energy here - a deep desire to transform, challenge, and grow.  Ashley values fair and balanced partnership, which supports her need for consistent growth.  There is a conservativeness in Ashley, that excels when building practically and pragmatically her business & what she puts out into the world.


Depending on how you've met Ashley, you may have seen predominantly her passionate trailblazing side, or her more serious, authoritative career-driven side.  Or perhaps you've had a peak at how silly she is.  She is all of these things and more.


Ashley the Creative ~


Ashley brings her love for art into how she's here to change the world, and what a gift that is for those that find her.  


Speaking from first hand experience - Ashley is a kind, patient, generous teacher, and I love her gift of instilling confidence in others in such repressed realms as art creation.  


Astrology ~


The Sun Sign (ego & personality) ~


With an Aquarius Sun, there are many nuances to Ashley’s personality.  Aquarians are different, and they are proud to be so.  This air sign has the mind of the "mad scientist", is a true genius, and please don't mistake any apparent aloofness as not caring - Ashley cares more deeply for others and her community than most people I know.  She's in the ring, she's doing the damn thing, and she ain't giving up.


The Moon Sign (heart & soul) ~


Ash's Gemini Moon is probably what you see bubble up when you see her keeping the conversation flowing in a group of people.  She is a great conversationalist with a fantastic sense of humour.  Chatty, genuinely curious to hear about other people, while swapping ideas & insights.  Note - Gemini is also an air sign, so we continue our trek on the mental plane here!  


The Rising Sign / Ascendent (essence & how we first dawn on people) ~


I mentioned the warrior earlier…  Ashley has an Aries Rising.  Aries are archetypally known as the Warrior.  Mars the War God rules Aries, and Mars' sister Eris who is fearless, direct, and acts in service of truth, is right on Ashley’s Ascendent.  This definitely flavours her passions and how moves through the world.   


Aries is a fire sign - so now we've got air and fire working together harmoniously.  And what happens when you fan the flames?  You got it.  Snap, crackle, and pop!


5/1 Sacral Manifesting Generator (Human Design) ~


As a Manifesting Generator, Ashley is here to do anything and everything that her internal compass guides her to do.  She moves FAST - and one thing her and I have spoken about in the past was slowing down just enough to tune in and make sure she was still heading in the right direction.  ManiGens like to have something (or many things!) to do basically all the time, even rest times - which is why one of her favourite types of relaxing is camping away, disconnected, with the family.  


In summary ~


All of this air, fire, and infinite generative energy makes Ashley wonderfully dynamic and multi-passionate.  Don't box her in!  She will soar when following her passions in any and all directions.  Her mind connects the dots in ways others may not understand - but we don't need to.  Let her go and see how these inspirations get birthed onto the material plane.


How best to work with Ashley ~


You can honour Ashley by giving her something to respond to - an invitation to hang out, collaborate, or get her advice on something, and even though it might be a yes in the moment, as a Manifesting Generator - when the time comes she might need to change her mind.  


If you're sparkin' up the conversation with this powerhouse, lean into the unusual twists and turns she may take you on.  Get her LAUGHING to see her glorious goofy side, and know that without even trying, this woman will show you exactly what you need to see in yourself.


Oh and how could I forget - Ashley is an AMAZING cook, and I really hope she starts taking us through the kitchen with her on some cooking adventures.


With great love & appreciation - 





I am one in 8 billion, but so are you. This is me in a nutshell, what makes you, you?


Ashley lives and breathes Art ~

as Founder and Director of Nurture the Knack Creative, she has been providing

classes, workshops, private parties and art retreats in her home studio at The Gap,

 as well as off-site venues  in South East Queensland.


Inspired by nature and art surrounding world cultures with a special interest in art in therapeutic settings.

Ashley is committed to volunteering with local and international organizations. Locally, she  has been involved and immersed within her local community as President of a local Creative NGO

who are a collective of Artists and Community Members committed to supporting the endeavor's of local artists across the region by providing opportunities for both personal and professional development in arts education & business development.

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