My Story

Finding Inspiration at every turn.

Hello - I'm Ashley; Artist and Creative Mentor.
I love to create works of art in all kinds of media. My favorite media includes acrylic paint and drawing with mixed media but I always love experimenting, exploring and learning new mediums. I believe art is a form of therapy and a great mindfulness exercise, but most of all it is fun! I am originally from Canada but have settled in Australia in The Gap, QLD. 


I think my love of art and general creative thinking came from my genetics, I am fortunate to come from a long line of artists and creatives; my great-grandfather was a sign writer and my family suspects he could have started it all. My Father, Uncle and Grandmother are all artists and have mentored and tutored me throughout my life, always encouraging me to develop and nurture my own style.

All throughout school, art was a big thing for me. It focused me and inspired me where no other subject could. I loved everything about it - the creative thinking, the process, the inevitable mistakes and how to get creative to make it better. It was a form of therapy whilst navigating those awkward teenage years and I acknowledge this fact and encourage my students to use art to express oneself, I love how individual it is and there is no right way to do something. I love how you can get inspired by nearly anything as long as you are paying attention.

From an early age I always worked with children - as soon as I was old enough I took a baby sitter certification course and couldn't wait to look after kids and best of all - do art with them! We made friendship bracelets, painted rocks, drew with sidewalk chalk, colored and when I could get my hands on paint we would create all kinds of masterpieces.

In college, I dabbled in interior design initially, however I wasn't a fan at how competitive it was, so I moved home to my country town and went back to being a nanny for a family of 6 who also owned a winery. Through their encouragement, I developed a passion for the wine industry (living in an area with over 200+ wineries!). I have attained a post-graduate diploma in Oenology and Viticulture and made a great career and tasted some amazing wines! My last stop was a Sommelier gig while living in  Vancouver where I met my now husband - an Aussie.

Fast forward 8 years and here I am. Living a beautiful life in Brisbane and achieving a lifelong dream of working with children in a creative and fun space and combining my love of art with my wine experience to offer a unique
Paint and Sip experience to Brisbane and beyond.


Let's do some Art!! 

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