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Why Nurture the Knack?

Inspired by the premise that Art is an essential part of the way we nurture ourselves and others.

We believe that art is essential to every human being's development.

Celebrating and honoring each individual's unique gifts and talents for creativity and self expression.

Recognizing that we all have a special 'Knack' for something.

We encourage creativity to nurture it and offer creative guidance and support for both children and adults.

"Nurture the Knack" is inspired by my Grandmother, who always encouraged my creative ventures and supported me with her teachings. She was a master creator and artist in a multitude of forms from visual arts & crafts to music through movement, dance and musical performance.


With great role models,  mentors and teachers encourage us to be our best and most unique creative selves -

we can choose to be who ever we want to be and create a life we love with confidence and joy!

"Ashley is wonderful with the children and considers their individual abilities when conducting the lessons. We are seeing artistic talent emerging from the children that was not apparent before.  Nurture the Knack art classes have become an important aspect of our Kindergarten Program and we highly recommend Ashley and Nurture the Knack classes to people of all ages."

Sherry Hammond ~ The Gap Early Childhood Centre

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Art Class Modules

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An at home Art Education Syllubus for homeschooling  parents and others

looking for creative ways to educate and engae their kids at home.

Ashley McHardy - Creative Mentor

"All throughout school, art allowed me to flourish. It focused me and inspired me where no other subject could. "

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"I just got an email from my sons teacher saying she was so impressed with a picture he sketched of the school playground that she is putting him in the excellence program. We're so grateful for your mentorship and art program".

Erin S.