Embodied Arts

Embodied Arts offers Therapeutic Expressive Art Term Classes + Workshops for Families + Children using a combination of creative arts processes to help empower students and individuals to identify, work through and overcome the issues that are blocking them from living their happiest and healthiest lives.

Workshops for Families to empower their daily wellness practice through meditation, drama therapy, movement + dance, story telling + poetry and creative therapies including painting, drawing and sculpture.

To strive towards greater equality we wish to extend a reduced services rate to individuals who are from marginalized or single parent families.

Upon booking, please use the checkout code to access this reduced rate:

With this in place, we hope to promote equal opportunity and inclusion for all children who would benefit from access to a diverse and empowering mental wellness service for families.

At Nurture the Knack - we celebrate diversity with art inspired from Global Influences. 

Embodied arts weaves Therapeutic Expressive Arts together in a Holistic experience.
We practice Meditation, mindfulness and cultivate gratitude in our
daily or weekly routines. Holistic means Mind, Body and Spirit - instead
of focusing on one single outcome, we weave all of them together to
connect our bodies to our minds and our spirit to ourselves.
What makes you, you?



more confidence in your business offering - attracting the right clients
Through expressive art, music, movement, meditation, storytelling and


Benefits of Embodied Arts for Private or Group Sessions:
• communicate more effectively
• recognize and better manage stress and anxiety
• cultivate a more positive attitude
• remove or lower anxiety + stress in your life
• be less affected by worry and fear
• more able to concentrate and listen
• be able to calm down when appropriate (self-regulate)
• sleep better
• have better self-esteem
• develop more creativity and expand your imagination
• more confidence in social skills
• cultivate empathy and consideration for yourself
• make well-informed and good decisions
• feel safe and heard
• discover your own answers through symbolism, inner wisdom and knowing
• reconnect with partners or family members


Workshops + Experiences