Our Team


We are a team of Artists, Creative Entrepreneurs and Wellbeing Facilitators 
passionate about sharing the value of transformational arts experiences and accessing creative self-expression for learning and human development.


Ashley McHardy

Founder & Director

Ashley lives and breathes Art ~

as Founder and Director of Nurture the Knack Creative, she has been providing

classes, workshops & private art parties in her home studio at The Gap,

 as well as off-site events across the greater Brisbane region.


Inspired by nature and art surrounding world cultures with a special interest in art in therapeutic settings.

Ashley is committed to volunteering with local and international organizations. Locally, she is involved and immersed within her local community as President of a local Creative NGO

who are a collective of Artists and Community Members committed to supporting the endeavours of local artists across the region by providing opportunities for both personal and professional development in arts education & business development.


Lillian Adele Shewring

Marketing Director & Education Facilitator

Lillian Adele Shewring jumped on board with Nurture the Knack in 2020 as a Creative Consultant and has been an integral part of the Nurture the Knack Creative Team since then.


Lillian's background has always been interdisciplinary art with a wide range of experience both locally and abroad. As a creative coach and healer -Lillian's work is deeply immersive, intuitive and spiritual, 

exploring deeper questions about who we are as creative beings and how can we connect

to that sense of creative calling and purpose in our lives with our unique gifts, offerings and talents.

Understanding our nature as innately creative beings. 

Her philosophy considers our Ethical responsibilities as Creative Leaders in today's context,

and has a Holistic and Integrated approach to how we embody creativity into our lives and work through our daily practices - incorporating the tools of Creative Meditation, Ritual and Intuitive Creative Play alongside Creative Business Management and Marketing Strategies to empower

artists and creatives with the tools and resources they need to becoming

fully self expressed, successful and thriving, doing what they love!

Reconnecting with our Radical Creative Selves to live in Vibrant Alignment in Body, Mind & Soul.