Corporate Retreats

Reconnect to your team's values,
strengths and  passion

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Corporate Retreat's are 100% customizable. We can do half day workshops, full day workshops or weekend retreat's in the mountains or a beachy vibe.

Each one is tailored to your groups needs, whether you would like Group Meditation, Sound Healing, Movement + Dance Therapy, Creative Therapy, Reiki or a combination of all of these, we can curate a beautiful team building event fostering mental wellness.


Holistic Corporate Retreats combine Creative Therapies + Holistic Counselling and will provide you with a safe space to speak openly from the heart and in your truth, without fear of judgement. 

Holistic Corporate Retreats considers the whole person, typically mind, body and spirit. My goal is to help you bring balance in your whole life and ensure you are in touch with your own needs. Working as a team in this instance, it is important to balance your inner self and doing this in a group format is really beautiful and empowering.

In a team or group environment, we can tailor it to a specific goal or need. Do you want a space to just have a mental wellbeing day or weekend? Or do you have a specific need you would like to gain some clarity on and want a nurturing space to provide a safe place for your team to discuss and be seen and heard together.

Sessions are held in partnered venues and priced per requirement and size of group.

During the sessions Ashley will draw on the tools she has learnt over years of study along with trusted colleagues to help facilitate, depending on requirements of the retreat experience.

  • The Art of Listening; compassionate and active listening, understanding, silence

  • Reiki 

  • Holistic Creative Therapies (Curated for your individual needs)

  • Oracle Cards + Symbolic Interpretation

  • Music Therapies

  • Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Conscious Awareness Practice; Identifying subconscious belief systems

  • Gratitude + Journaling

  • Affirmations curated for your individual needs

  • Witnessing

  • Grounding, integrity + centeredness

  • Journaling prompts + creative prompts

Sound Healing
Qi Gong
Catered Vegan / Vegetarian Meals
Weaving Circle using natural weaving materials


If it feels right, we will begin a chat to discover what you need, this is an opportunity for you to come and find your own answers lovingly guided in a deeply supportive and comforting environment for team building and fostering compassion.

Pricing begins at $1950 for a half day workshop (4 hours) for up to 12 people which includes a group healing circle, Holistic Creative therapies, curated music therapies, journaling prompts, oracle cards + individual vegetarian grazing platters.
Additional services can be added a la carte.

What is Holistic Counselling?

Holistic counselling considers the whole person; mind, body and spirit (or soul). It helps you to bring balance into your whole life and allows you to get in touch with your personal needs on a holistic level. It is based on one element of a person cannot be healthy without all the other aspects of the person being in balance and harmony. The mind will not be well if the body is not well. The body will not be well if the spirit is not well.  As a Holistic Counsellor, my job is to guide you toward your own ultimate goals and balance in your life. We will also explore emotions and how this interacts with our Mindy, Body and Spirit.

In many ways, the problem you are experiencing is not the problem. We will explore ways you can 'find yourself again' and get in touch with our self-love + compassion with the tools I provide that reduce stress and empower you to make choices that suit your life. 

How can it help you?

We know that in today's fast-paced society of day-to-day life, many of us bypass the intelligent, conscious mind and instead respond to difficult situations with emotions or pre-programmed beliefs in our subconscious mind. Together, we will identify which subconscious belief systems are worth keeping, which are false and how to change those problematic belief systems that are preventing you from living a happy and aligned life. Everyone will have their own conditioning to transcend and find their own path.

The body is the easiest to deal with in terms of identifying issues because they are usually tangible, some symptoms are easily recognized, while others require more detective work. Holistic Counselling can help you identify Weight Issues (overweight or underweight and how you perceive this), Pain, Illness, Skin Quality, Hair Quality and Dull eyes.  My role as a Holistic counsellor is to help you identify where your body may need attention (an early warning sign where an imbalance of mind or spirit is concerned) and help you set goals for better health.

Spirit is likely the most challenging aspect of a person to identify, understand, and work with because we don't know what Spirit actually is. We seem to know we have it, with a multitude of theories, belief systems and hypotheses that exist to try and explain it. As a Holistic Counsellor, my job is to help you establish your own idea about your spirit (or soul) and explore your beliefs around this. Mind-body medicine works on the hypothesis that while the spirit is the less tangible and hardest to identify of all the aspects of a person, it is likely to be the most influential in determining a person's overall wellbeing. I will provide opportunities for your spirit to grow on its own terms and its own direction through practice. You will experience your own personal growth through personal experience.


Emotion is kind of like a barometer. They are a way of showing us when our mind, body, and spirit are in balance or in excess or depleted. They are the signals that alert us to the positive of negative directions of our thoughts. Emotions are alarm bells. By understanding which of our emotions we are experiencing, we can begin to identify what type of subconscious belief systems influence us.


We engaged Ash at Nurture the Knack for a workshop designed to support our members during their twelve week challenge. Weight loss or significant health change is not just about diet and exercise Ash recognised this and created a workshop that allowed a transformative experience as part of their journey. Will definitely engage Ash again!
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