Activate and evolve your healing arts business February 2022!

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Weekend Away
Friday, February4th-Sunday February 6th 2022

at Noosa North Shore

Happening during the New Moon Cycle in Aquarius.

 A powerful time for calling in the Radical Creative Visionary that you are! 

The last 2 years have been hectic! Does your creative healing business need some love and care?

Are you looking for an opportunity to Nurture your Creative Healing business

and surround yourself with like-minded women?

This Retreat is a celebration in the Aquarius New Moon Season; a time for you to step into your Innate Creative Power and Conscious Intentions

Set the intentions for your Creative Practice & Body of Work and Creative Business!

Creative Brainstorming | What's Included


Intention Setting +
Creative Collaboration

Good Conversation with like-minded women

Group Creative Brainstorming

Manifest + Intention Setting Artwork Workshop

Journaling Prompts + Affirmations

All art supplies included

Family Style Meals

Catered Vegetarian lunch during Saturday Workshop 

Relax & Revive

2-Nights Accommodation Beach Road Holiday Homes
Noosa North Shore

Bird Watching


Hiking + Walking at your leisure


Float in the pool


Take in the breathtaking scenery


Welcome pack with thoughtful nourishing products to support us on retreat


What you'll Gain:

  • Connect with your creative intuition and innate wisdom

  • Build resilience and capacity to manage stress and overwhelm

  • Reconnect with your dreams, passions and creative calling

  • Cleanse & let go of fear, negative mindset, patterns and programs 

  • Exploring wounds, trauma & shadows for deep healing

  • Unblock your creative energy to find flow in your practice again

  • Access your wild and playful inner child to reignite a sense of joy!



  • This is more than a 'fun getaway' with the girls.

  • This is not your average 'Wellness' retreat - we are going to get Creative and brainstorm with intention!

  • Be open to sharing your story and being witnessed in your healing and transformation

  • Be willing to be part of conversations that may offer coaching & mentoring

  • Be comfortable sitting with others in their pain and difficult emotions

  • Women who own their own healing arts business (creative arts, healing arts, gyms, etc)

  • Creative Female Entrepreneurs that want clarity on their next move, a pivot, big idea or business strategy

  • Women who are interested in diving deep into their own spiritual and creative practice to reduce stress, anxiety &  overwhelm and release negative energy or painful experiences you may be holding on to.

  • If you don't know what to do with all this creative energy and ideas - or you feel aimless and lost in your life, or experiencing some kind of mental, emotional or spiritual crisis and awakening in your life. 

  • Creative healers, coaches and wellness practitioners who constantly 'hold space' for others, but don't have time for their own creative  and spiritual practice.

  • Creative healers, coaches and wellness practitioners looking to develop their professional practice and tool kit of offerings in their own transformational work.


Human Superpower is our spectacular CREATIVITY!

It is our adaptability, rather than our strength or intellect alone that has allowed us to survive.


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Ashley McHardy

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Founder & Director, Holistic Counsellor + Creative Mentor specializing in Creative Therapies

Ashley is the founding director of Nurture the Knack, offering Creative Mentoring through workshops and private sessions. She runs monthly Sacred Arts workshops for Women for inner healing, connecting with intuition and creativity.
A lifetime creative, she is an artist inspired by stillness in nature. A passionate wellness advocate and all this embodies; nutrition, holistic sustainable lifestyle and spirituality.

Her leadership style has been described as Evocateur with magnetism, embodied creativity and imagination just part of her strengths to bring these weekend retreats for Women to fruition. This retreat aims to connect and empower women while providing a safe space for each individual to do the inner-work through witnessing circles, healing, creative brainstorming, creative therapies and holistic wellness. 

Through her own continually evolving spiritual journey, Ashley is committed to serving from her heart where her path leads her to contribute to the collective healing happening now.


Image by Sean Oulashin
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