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That dream
was planted
into your heart
for a reason.


A gathering of Conscious Women with heart-centered businesses.
A pathway to freedom, integrity + community.

The Aligned Feminine is the Wild Woman. The one who answered the call of intuition. Of Inner Knowing.

The Aligned Feminine has gone through her initiation of awareness; the process of unschooling herself of limiting beliefs, she has become aware of and removed conditioning of her psyche, she lives a natural life, she has innate integrity and healthy boundaries. She has three eyes; two to look and one to see.

The Aligned Feminine is an Entrepreneur or a Heart-centered Business Owner, Project Manager or Volunteer and creating a life that encompasses her deepest desires and yearnings.
She provides a service for others through passion and compassion. 

What is a heart-centered business?

A heart-centered business is aligned with your life values, purpose, inner morality, personal experiences (no one can do what you do).

It is guided by your inner compass of intuition.

Being a heart-centered business comes from a place of authenticity, truth and integrity.
Operating this way, we can be better leaders, make positive choices, and impact our communities in a more profound way because we make decisions and seek solutions in a way that is more purposeful, thoughtful, and open to the realities around us. 

We move away from an ego-driven space of fear to a place where life flows more easily when we are in alignment with our heart.

If this sounds like you, then The Aligned Feminine Women's Circle is where you will find your tribe of heart-centered Women or those that identify as a Woman. 
This is where we share the highs and success stories of business ownership as well as the failures (lessons) and challenges and how we pivot, change or get through it.


In today's modern world, we can come back together through community, like our ancestors did. 

We knowledge share, co-create and collaborate and get creative with art while we have good conversation.

The ultimate Self-Care + Business Strategy gathering; like a business coach with a diverse skillset from many women's input and perspectives instead of singular opinions, we can learn with an open mind through diversity.

We meet each month on a Wednesday morning during school term in Samford at a local park from 9:00am-11:00am
And keep an eye out for Monthly Guest Features of our collective of Aligned Entrepreneurs.

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Monthly sessions will include theme's and facilitators.

Monthly sessions include; self-expressive art, authentic conversation and whatever theme or guest speaker we have on the day.

We co-create, we experience together and we support each other.

If you find this really exciting but aren't quite there yet in terms of business ownership, or doing the healing work to help shed the lifetime of limiting beliefs we all accumulate,
I would love to support you with these next steps!

Would you like to understand yourself better and why you do the things you do?
Are you ready to live with more integrity, authenticity and purpose?
Perhaps you feel a little lost, or like you know where you want to be but don't know where to start?


No matter what your goals or challenges, big or small, they are all important and I am here to support or activate you on your unique journey.

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Counselling, Business Coaching, + Creative Therapies in Brisbane North.

Mantra for 2022
"I create"

Because if I can't find what I am looking for on a soul level, I create it and invite others to drop into this space.

Our holistic approach to life counselling, business coaching and creative therapies honors you as a whole person - mind, body and spirit - to support you while you reconnect to your inner wisdom, authentic integrity and purpose. Your dreams are your purpose but before we get there, we  honor any part of you to integrate and heal wounded or limiting belief aspects of yourself and to thrive as the vibrant, joyful and unique human being that you are.


All it takes is the moment you know in your heart you are wanting more from life but need support  + direction.

Find out more about holistic counselling in Brisbane and how it can help you on your growth, wellbeing and healing journey.

If you would like to know more about me, read on here.

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Book in for a Weekly Session or a Monthly session with The Aligned Feminine or have a look at our other service offerings.

Please book in using this scheduling assistant. I have updated my calendar with current availability and it updates in real-time. All appointments must be made with at least 12 hours notice and I require at least 12 hours notice of cancellation for a full refund.

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As a certified Holistic Counsellor + Creative Therapist and practicing Artist, Art has always been a big part of my life.

The gatherings that I facilitate will always have an art activity of some kind.
This Art is a form of therapeutic self-expression, there are no rules, strict guidelines or step-by-step processes. We are here to create and gather together, like our ancestors did.

Art, as a therapeutic tool, has a way of grounding us, allowing our nervous system to relax. It allows us to unwind from the day or week or month, while supporting our intuitive creativity.

The Art that I weave into our gatherings can also weave the structure of Yang business tools, supporting us with our business dreams each week.

We co-create, we experience together and we support each other.

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The wound is where the light enters you.