4 month Intensive Small Business + Entrepreneur Growth Journey


Your Journey

Explore an inner journey of self to re-discover your authentic self and purpose.

Step into alignment so you can feel whole again, and begin to move towards your empowered self all while being deeply supported, guided and inspired.

Learn about stress and how unconscious daily stressors affect our bodies, minds and spirits and tools to add to your daily practice for healthy coping and self-regulation.

Self Discovery takes dedication but it doesn't have to be overwhelming, this is a gentle guided process that you can weave into your daily life over a time period that works for you. It keeps you on track while not overwhelming you, and you will learn so much about yourself, your passions, your triggers as well as your shadows that you may need support with. 

As an Entrepreneur, we can sometimes forget how important Self-Care is when we are juggling 'all the things'. 

Sometimes we need re-alignment and working with a Business Coach who understands Holistic Wellbeing is integral to business ownership.

I have done this journey myself, it took a lot of dedication and facing some hard truths. It took consistency and sitting with difficult memories and emotions instead of running away from them like I have done my entire life."

Each week you will have 1-2 journeys to complete on your own, followed by a weekly zoom or in person session to reflect and gain support from.


To ensure each journeyer receives weekly support at any one time, this journey is limited to just 5 places per year. 

Self-discovery is the ultimate 'coming back home' into self-love and care you can do for yourself.

What will your life look like if you don't invest in yourself now, 1 year from now, or 5 years from now, when everyone else demands your attention, who will support you?

The Intensive Small Business + Entrepreneur Growth Program is curated for your business needs.

This program includes the development of a business plan,  12-month marketing strategy plan + guideline and a four-month coaching component in addition to a toolbox filled with self-care practices.
Ensuring your product is innovative, targeted to your market + niche, this program will increase your businesses revenue by 30% with sustainable growth thereafter. You will also have access to monthly Women's Entrepreneur meetings during the 4 months of your journey.

Join me + many others who choose to ditch the old and outdated ways of business marketing, courses + workshops. This is the ultimate inner self journey embodied with the entrepreneur in mind.

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Alignment Support Every Step of the Way


  • Deeply supported coaching sessions14 x 90 minutes  (in-person or distance via zoom) ($1190 value)

  • Weekly in-person or online group sessions for Women Entrepreneurs (Valued at $28 / week or $450 for the duration of your coaching package)

  • Curated processes & depth work, for you as a unique individual

  • A mini-course outlining stress + how it affects our daily unconscious lives, our bodies and our mental health.

  • 12 x creative + depth discovery journeys + exercises curated specifically for you  (Valued at $670+)

  • Meditations for visualization, grounding and relaxation

  • Additional resources, processes and guides provided for your individual needs per each coaching session (Value $238+)

  • Tools and processes that you can add to your personal 'tool box' to weave into your daily life practice for gratitude, mental wellness and mindfulness while deeply supporting our innate longing  for creativity. ​

  • Business Coaching Package; Holistic Business Plan, 12-month marketing strategy + top tips for the best business tools with demonstrations + training (value $2450)

  • 10% Discounts on future sessions once journey is complete

  • Optional Basic Website package to add for an investment from $988

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Weeks 1-2

Creating Space. Routine + intentions.

Our Journey will begin with creating space to practice, some reading on how stress affects us and our first session.
Opportunities for journaling and reflection to prepare you for your journey ahead.

Image by Drew Colins

Weeks 3-5

Breathwork + Letting Go

Set yourself up for relaxation and calming with a simple breathing exercise with visual cues to support zen focus. 
A beautiful metaphorical Art Therapy exercise to let go of anything that no longer serves you and discussions + journal prompts to reflect and begin building your new belief processes and values.

Image by Birmingham Museums Trust

Weeks 6-8

Dissolving Strong Emotions + Rebuilding Self-Love

As we continue our journey, we dive deeper into our subconscious belief systems with a deeply nurturing symbolic Art Therapy exercise. This may shock you how accurate this is and the healing that can be cultivated after you complete this art activity will be lasting and profound. Once we have let go of this we can begin to rebuild our self love and self nurturing discovery.

Image by veeterzy

Week 9

Physical + Energetic Clearing & Gratitude

By now we have cleared our subconscious mind of limiting beliefs, now we have to convince our body. This week we will do a form of meditation that is intuitive, deeply cathartic and empowering followed by a beautiful Art Therapy exercise to cultivate gratitude. 

We begin aligning our new belief systems + values with our business dreams.

Image by Amy Shamblen

Weeks 10-13

Grounding + Intuitively Nurturing

We will begin with a grounding visual meditation which you can revisit anytime you need to come back into your body and out of your mind. You will also have an opportunity to revisit any of the previous art exercises that you need in that moment.

We start your Holistic Business Plan + develop your Niche with a 12-month Marketing plan.

We set up socials and what channels resonate with you.

Image by Noah Buscher

Weeks 14-16

Re-building Thyself + Business Growth

Our final weeks we will be practicing living into your future self. That fullest and most authentic self that you've been connecting with throughout this journey. 
You will create a beautiful symbolic art and create a plan for your future with visual aids and support from our coaching sessions.

These weeks will provide actionable plans to create sustainable growth in your business to increase profit margins by at least 30%.

Work smarter, not harder.

Let's Do this!

You are ready! You are the architect of you life and are ready to rediscover your purpose, authentic self and launch your dreams.....dreams do come true!

Your investment for this incredible way of feminine marketing is $5,150.

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