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Why Nurture the Knack?

Inspired by the premise that Mindful+ Creative Practices are an essential part of the way we nurture ourselves everyday and that we live in a diverse world and come from diverse backgrounds; recognizing that each of us has a unique offering or 'knack' to contribute to the global collective.
This skill or offering is your 'knack' that can be nurtured.
Holistic Coaching + Counselling can support this understanding of what makes you, you?

Our belief is that creativity is essential to every human being's wellbeing. 
Our most innate ancient wisdom was through creativity and innovation and this still holds true for today.
The simple act of creating art, in any form, is therapeutic while some may require deeper self journey work to unravel   conditioning, triggers, trauma and difficult experiences.
Creative therapies are a wonderful tool to utilize in your preventative or maintenance health practice, through mind, body and soul or spirit connection. 


We celebrate and honor each individual's unique gifts and talents for creativity and self expression.

Recognizing that we all have a special 'Knack' for something.

"Nurture the Knack" is inspired by my Grandmother, who always encouraged my creative ventures and supported me with her teachings. She was a master creator and artist in a multitude of forms from visual arts & crafts to music through movement, dance and musical performance.


With great role models,  mentors and teachers who encourage us to be our best and most unique creative selves -

we can choose to be who ever we want to be and create a life we love with confidence and joy!

Certified with :
Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapies (HICAT)
International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT)
Blue Card
First Aid

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Top Reasons Why I love Creative Therapies for Wellness & Everyday Life


1. It allows us to bring awareness and acknowledgment to the place we are.
It is a mindful practice. We can acknowledge the land we are on, the materials we are using, did we forage from the land for eco dyes, weaving supplies, natural rock pigment? We can give thanks to the land and region and acknowledge the ancestors of the land, or the ancestors of our blood line to be present while we create. We can do this to create a bit of ceremony for the ancient practice of creating and set the tone for emerging artists, artisans and creators.

2. It improves memory.

Drawing actually adds synapses to the brain’s transmitters. This means that the memories and experiences reserved in your brain are stronger, more striking, and more accessible.

3. It activates our braincells.

When we are drawing, not only do both our hemispheres work simultaneously but develop its capacity as well.

4. Communicate emotion and healing.

It is through drawings that we study our history. Drawing / Painting allows one to express various emotions, thoughts and feelings, sometimes difficult ones or ones we cannot put to words.

5. Release Depressive or Anxious Thoughts through Drawing

Drawing produces positive brain chemistry like Serotonin, Endorphins, Dopamine, and Norepinephrine.

6. Art is both cathartic and containing.

Expressing yourself through images either drawn or painted “transfers” some of your feelings into the art piece and helps clear you out a bit, like a catharsis.

7. It promotes strong motor skills.

Parents who introduce children to drawing at a very tender age, even before they can hold pencils properly, is a great way to get the hands working and gripping.

8. Improve confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.

Showing interest in their creations gives them a big confidence boost

9. Reduce stress through Art

Painting, sculpting, drawing, are all relaxing and fruitful distractions from your everyday hectic chores.

10. Concentration Improves, mindfulness is activated.

This helps into building concentration power for other tasks or academia,


11. Art is FUN!

Drawing is fun regardless of you being an adult or a child. Especially when you are in company; painting builds a bridge towards a stronger friendship.

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Ashley McHardy - Creative Mentor

brisbane art teacher

"All throughout school, art allowed me to flourish. It focused me and inspired me where no other subject could. "

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Watercolor Painting
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I have had the pleasure of working with Ashley as my holistic counsellor. Ashley was very good at establishing a positive rapport with me. I found her to be empathetic, an active listener and provided guidance in our sessions. I felt we had a great connection and she ignited healing in me through art therapy. I never thought I would enjoy and unlock my feelings and thoughts through this medium but boy I did. I highly recommend working with Ashley. I have found my time with Ashley so uplifting and healing. I have completed my sessions feeling I have made change and now have a new found love of art too!

Shelly B.